Blog Shortcode

How to add blog shortcode to page/post

To add blog shortcode to your page simply click on blog shortcode button, that can be found integrated in default editor panel in visual mode. See image below.
Please note, that blog shortcode and page have different design.

Blog Shortcode Settings

„Category of blog“ – you need to choose your blog category here. Post from this category will be displayed. If oyu don’t have any posts and categories yet, then you need to create them first, before adding blog shortcode.

„Show per page“ – you can define how many post to show per page.

„Pagination“ – You can choose whether to show pagination or not. If you turn off pagination, then only set amount of posts in „show per page“ field will be displayed.

After you are done with settings, click “Insert” button.

Shortcode will be placed in content, inside your editor. Exactly where the syntax is placed depends on where your cursor is. So don’t forget to place cursor in correct place in your content, before adding shortcode.



[blog category="" perpage="2" pagination="on" ]

Výstavba Frisbee Golfového hřiště

V Prahe sa dnes, 23. septembra 2010 od 17.00 hod., uskutoční otvororenie ihriska pre Frisbee Golf, ktorého výstavbu sponzoroval Taylors First Baptist Church, noviny Křesťan Dnes o tom informoval tajomník Biblickej jednoty Martin Hejl. Ihrisko sa nachádza v Lesoparku Nučice Praha – západ, v blízkosti zastávky Pod Vinicí. Americkí baptisti zabezpečili dovezenie hracích košov z…

Post with custom slideshow, full width layout

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla convallis egestas rhoncus. Donec facilisis fermentum sem, ac viverra ante luctus vel. Donec vel mauris quam. Aliquam pellentesque pellentesque turpis, ut bibendum sapien sollicitudin nec. Pellentesque posuere ornare placerat. Suspendisse potenti. Quisque massa tortor, tristique non tristique at, luctus sed massa. Donec libero eros, mollis ac…


[blog category="" perpage="1" pagination="" ]

20–26 MARCH

Swaziland: We remain grateful to the Lord for all our last quarter’s achievements. Please pray for good health and strength for staff and volunteers as they continue to promote SU work and make SU visible in our country. Ecuador: Please pray that key volunteers in Ecuador (Tanya in southern Ecuador and Amy in Quito) would…